"Faryl comes into your life during such precious moments and leaves feeling like a friend--even if you only see her for an hour or two every couple of months or once a year. We did a grow-with-me package with her, taking maternity, newborn, and then first-birthday photos. Taking photos of our baby with a toddler running around is never easy. Getting both to look at the camera (and possibly even smile) when they're older is near impossible. But she does it, and she does it calmly, which is what every parent looks for when they're feeling chaotic trying to get at least one family photo."
                                                             - Erica
"Faryl came to our house to do a newborn photo session that would include a few shots of our 5 day old son with our 14 month old. I could not believe how patient she was with my boys, especially when my newborn needed to feed twice during our session. She was incredibly down to earth and such a natural with my sons; it was easy to think of her as just a friend who happened to be here taking photos for my family. 
Our first experience with her was a family photo session when my older son was just 3 months old, and again her patience and talent made the experience and the photos beautiful.
Obviously a photographer needs more than a warm, friendly presence (which Faryl has in spades,) a photographer should have knowledge of her craft and natural talent. Faryl also has these. She explained her process to me and my husband and we were both impressed with how passionate she is about her work. After working with her twice, I can say confidently we have no reason to use anyone else! The work she posts on her page is not just the best of her work; it is a realistic representation of ALL of her work!!"
                                                             - Kait
"Amazing, talented, patient, sweet, professional and prepared. Faryl is an ideal newborn photographer. She was unbelievable with our 12 week old son who most photographers told us was too old for a newborn shoot. Her flexibility and patience was exactly what our family needed and I can't say enough about how positive our experience was. If you are looking for a photographer to shoot your child at any age Faryl is the best possible choice."
                                                             - Sabrina
"I was anxious about doing a newborn photo shoot but Faryl was amazing. She was professional, patient and warm. She took her time and was able to capture not only perfect pictures of our baby boy but family pictures with our toddler (who is IMPOSSIBLE to get pictures of). I would recommend her to anyone!"
                                                             - Jessica